Deja vu

When was the last time you experienced a feeling of deja vu?

There is no theory which says deja vu is a feeling that is associated with well being and happiness. But, these quirks of the human psyche are what make us human. How often do we get so embroiled in work and mundane shit that we don’t experience any deja vu moments at all? The search history on my browser has “define deja-vu” on it – that often.

No, but on a serious note, I don’t remember when the last time was when I had a deja-vu moment. The optimist in me would say that it’s because my life is so exciting that my stupid neurons are overwhelmed with sensory overload and don’t have the bandwidth to relate them to memories and make a deja-vu connection. The realist however, is of course shouting on top of his voice – “Dude, sensory overload??? LOL.”

Deja-vu is just one example of a plethora of what I call rational-psychedelic experiences. Synesthesia is another, that has always eluded me. A good friend once told me how about her synesthetic experience after inhaling THC fumes, which made the otherwise evil world seem all colorful and pretty. After more than 10 sessions of TCH inhalation in search of synesthesia, all I got was just white static. The realist is now probably being smug –  “See, dude! Sensory overload??? LOL.”

On a more serious note than before, deja-vu I think is just a glitch in the matrix, like our nerd-bible said. Assigning as much importance to it as even a blog post is probably an overkill of the intoxicated mind.

Happy New Year.